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The NAWBO-CA Education Fund Pathways to Corporate Boards Program equips, educates and positions high potential, diverse, business owners, executives, and leaders for corporate board leadership through mentorship and coaching.


The NAWBO-CA Education Fund Pathways to Corporate Boards Program will incubate a socially and professionally diverse pipeline of leaders to optimize corporate board leadership across California and beyond.

Program Overview

The purpose of the NAWBO-CA Education Fund Pathways to Corporate Boards Program is to provide confidential and in-depth ideation, guidance, and thought-partnership to position outstanding business owners, executives, and leaders for corporate board leadership. 

Qualified candidates will be selected for a six month, customized pathway development program with a seasoned corporate director. The program is not a training program, but a tailored mentorship program and entry point for understanding and accessing advanced corporate leadership opportunities. 

Interested business owners, executives, and leaders must apply for admission to this fee-based mentoring program. 
Each year, cohorts will have access to:

  • 1-on-1 guidance supported by a seasoned corporate director

  • Peer engagement and networking experiences supported by Corporate Directors

  • Assessment of Resume 

  • Individualized recommendations for training resources

  • Development of board statement and value proposition

  • Diverse decision-makers, influencers, and corporate board leaders

  • Strategic introductions

Application and Program Fees 
The application fee is $295 for NAWBO members and $495 for non-members. Upon selection, there is a $2,995 program cost for NAWBO-members, and $4,995 program cost for non-members.

Please note:

  • To access the NAWBO-member rate, applicants must be a NAWBO Supporting Member or Premier Member. See more information and fees to become a member here

  • The application fee does not guarantee admission to the program. Applicants can reapply for future cohorts if they wish. 


Application Fees

To pay by credit card, click "create an account" and enter your email address. This will bring up the credit card form. 


Who should apply?
The  NAWBO-CA Education Fund Pathways to Corporate Boards Programs for experienced business owners, executives, and leaders who have previous knowledge of corporate boards and have started to network strategically for board opportunities. We encourage candidates to apply who have: 

  • Capability, time, resources, and commitment to serve on a corporate board 
  • Demonstrated commitment towards corporate board engagement through trainings or webinars 
  • Significant revenue or multimillion dollar P&L experience 
  • Financial acumen
  • Demonstrated leadership experience plus a deep knowledge and expertise in a specialty sought after by corporate boards
  • Engaged in driving the overall strategic direction of their organization
  • Time and commitment to attend NAWBO-CA Corporate Board Pathway meetings, networking opportunities, and capacity building Roundtables (an estimated 4-7 hours per month)
  • Time, commitment, and resources to pursue additional trainings as recommended by the Mentors (an estimated 3-8 hours per month, time commitment various depending on previous knowledge and need for training).
  • Capability, time, and commitment to take ownership of the process and your pathway to a board seat
  • If part of a large corporation, the support of their CEO or Board Chair to take part.

Contact Information

The program is run by voluntary Executive Directors, Renee Fraser and Schenae Rourk, and Program Coordinator, Caroline Toren. For questions and additional information, please email [email protected] 


NAWBO-CA Education Fund Pathways to

Corporate Boards Program Partners

Corporate Partners

By investing in the program as a sponsor, your business demonstrates its commitment to reducing barriers for diverse professionals to prepare for and access corporate board leadership opportunities.

Founding Funder Recognition

With a multi-year commitment of $25,000 or more starting in 2020, firms will be recognized as  NAWBO-CA Education Fund Pathways Founding Funders. The opportunity to become a Founding Funder was open through the end of 2021.

The inaugural 2020 cohort of the NAWBO-CA Education Fund Pathways to Corporate Boards Program was made possible by the support of our Founding Funder, Southern California Edison. 

For more information, please email [email protected]