Dana Brewer | NAWBO
We are thrilled to spotlight our new member, Dana Brewer! A passionate cheerleader for small businesses and a true problem solver. With a heart for community and a drive to see others succeed, Dana grew up encouraged to chase her dreams!
Her achievements include working on one of the first HRIS systems for a major California utility before turning 20. Her successful IT services and management company helps small businesses compete by understanding their goals and building effective systems. With 30 years of diverse experience, Dana helps clients increase productivity, safeguard data, and shift to cloud computing.
Dana is also the CEO of Computer Information Station, Inc. (CIS), which, is a Managed IT Services provider that empowers organizations with expertise, support, and technological advancements. They offer 24/7 support, cost savings, security measures, and more.
Let's give Dana Brewer a warm welcome to our community of hardworking female business leaders who strive to become better every day!