Meet LinkedIn Expert, Rhonda Sher | NAWBO

31K Followers on LinkedIn!


Tell us about your business Rhonda: What audience does it serve? What problem do you solve?*

I work with entrepreneurs and business owners helping them to monetize LinkedIn. Most business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs do not know how to position themselves on LinkedIn to generate credibility, authority and to monetize it. I have been doing this 2009 and have created a system for generating leads on LinkedIn. 

What is your most significant professional achievement, and why is it meaningful to you?*

My most significant professional achievement was being invited to speak on the 2023 LinkedIn Summit and the 2023 Linked Innovator Summit. It was meaningful because of the audience I could reach and the fact that I was included with the top professional trainers of LinkedIn worldwide.


How do you define success?

Through the success my clients attain, I achieve success. 


What is the biggest career challenge you've had to overcome?

Generating enough income to retire my husband.


What is a fun fact that people probably don't know about you?

I married my husband twice. Be sure to ask Rhonda about this at the next event!