2022-2023 NAWBO Editorial Calendar | NAWBO

2022-2023 NAWBO National Editorial Calendar

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July 2022-June 2023 Editorial Calendar

THEME: Seat at the Table
Possible Topics: Advocacy Days recap, tips for using your voice to have a seat at the table with legislators, why bipartisan is important for NAWBO,  HR5050 anniversary, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, June 1
Publication date: Wednesday, June 15

THEME: Defining DEI&B
Possible Topics: Where NAWBO has been and where we’re going with diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEI&B), plus strategies for furthering DEI&B in your workplace
Submission deadline: Wednesday, August 3
Publication date: Wednesday, August 17

THEME: On the Money
Possible Topics: The critical role of access to capital, new and existing sources for entrepreneurs, expert tips from banking partners, identifying new revenue streams, increasing your profitability, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, September 7
Publication date: Wednesday, September 21

THEME: Ready, Set, Sell
Possible Topics: Understanding your customers, why relationships matter in sales, sales strategies for small businesses, sales tools that boost productivity, managing salespeople, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, October 5
Publication date: Wednesday, October 19

THEME: Power Your Dream
Possible Topics: Coverage of the National Women’s Business Conference in Louisville, KY; inspiration and advice related to powering the dreams of women business owners Submission deadline: Wednesday, November 2
Publication date: Wednesday, November 16

THEME: Go For the Goal
Possible Topics: Business planning and goal-setting strategies for the new year, accountability, how to involve your whole team, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, December 7
Publication date: Wednesday, December 21

THEME: Recession Proof
Possible Topics: Strategies to recession-proof your business by embracing adaptability, listening to customer needs, identifying unnecessary costs, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, January 4
Publication date: Wednesday, January 18

THEME: Leadership Matters
Possible Topics: Takeaways from NAWBO’s 2023 Leadership Academy, leadership traits for the future, how servant leadership benefits your business too, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, February 1
Publication date: Wednesday, February 15

THEME: Digital Transformation
Possible Topics: Transform your business by tapping into digital tools to help your business improve and grow, including social media, digital ads, fintech, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, March 1
Publication date: Wednesday, March 15

THEME: Smooth Stepping
Possible Topics: How to build a business that can run smoothly without you, if needed, whether you’re on vacation, have a health crisis, are caring for an aging parent, etc.  
Submission deadline: Wednesday, April 5
Publication date: Wednesday, April 19

THEME: Global Minded
Possible Topics: What to consider when going global, international business success stories, feature on a NAWBO global partner, etc.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, May 3
Publication date: Wednesday, May 17

THEME: Mid-Year Check
Possible Topics: Mid-year is the perfect time to check-in with your yourself and your business and get back on track if needed to meet your goals.
Submission deadline: Wednesday, June 7
Publication date: Wednesday, June 21